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G.P.Coater (Glass Paste Coater)

What is GP Coater...

This system is designed for glass powder paste coating machine to make cell septum on the rear glass substrate of
PDP(Plasma Display Panel). GP Coater is composed of die distributing glass powder paste, die clip cleaning system,
traveling table sucking a glass substrate, gap adjuster between glass substrate and die and so on.
All servo motors can make arbitrary change of coating thickness, coating speed, coating length by NC control.


  • High viscosity 1,000`200,000cps available
  • PDP large-sized screen
  • Good coating accuracy and repeatability
  • Coating thickness 600m/wet possible
  • Quality control by touch panel



Glass substrate

Substrate size

MAX  1030 ~ 1210mm

Substrate thickness

0.6 ` 10mm

Coating solution viscosity


solid in coating solution

Glass beads (frit)    70`85%

coating thickness

30 ` 600m/wet

coating volume

0.3 ` 10cc/sec


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